Dec 082010

Hi, folks. Paul Morin here. Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Robbie Clinger regarding selling your company. This is the second interview with Robbie and today we walked step by step through the process of selling a company. The steps we covered are as follows:

1.) Making the decision to sell.
2.) Understanding the value of the company.
3.) Developing the deal book (a/k/a the Selling Memorandum).
4.) Identifying potential acquirers.
5.) Sending out non-confidential summaries.
6.) Obtaining NDAs from interested parties.
7.) Providing the deal book to those who have executed NDAs.
8.) Scheduling site visits with interested potential buyers.
9.) Providing preliminary due diligence information to those interested in going to the next step.
10.) Receiving and analyzing LOIs from interested parties.
11.) Providing full due diligence information to the party who makes the “best” offer.
12.) Closing the deal.

The roughly 40-minute audio interview with Robbie goes into greater detail on each of these steps.

You can access the Robbie Clinger interview here.

We look forward to your comments and questions.

Paul Morin