May 292017

5 Reasons You Should Not Ignore Video For Marketing

If last year was the year of the video for marketing, this year is the year of live video.

When you use social media for personal use, you cannot ignore the countless videos streamed to your newsfeed, whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat. As business owner, CEO or marketing director, you also should not ignore the reality of using video in your marketing, as using traditional marketing techniques will only reach certain demographics, not necessarily the people you need to reach. Video allows you to reach many more people, more quickly and with more impact than with images or written content alone.

However, we have found that there are several barriers to getting started with video marketing. The biggest barrier typically is fear! Fear of the unknown can stop even the most determined person in their tracks.

If you are fearful of:

  • Expense
  • Lack of technical knowledge
  • Video marketing expertise
  • Social Media expertise

connect with an industry expert, so you can get beyond these fears and harness the power of video in your marketing. Talk to your local social media consultant, videographer and/or marketing agency. They can help you get past these barriers, quickly.

Before you decide to use video marketing, let’s talk benefits. Here are 5 reasons your business should not ignore video:

Video provides an opportunity to tell your (brand) story visually

More than pictures alone, more than audio by itself, video allows you to appeal to several senses all at once. Visual storytelling is captivating and if you capture the essence of your brand with video in such a way to move people to action, video allows you to create very loyal brand ambassadors.

Video allows a behind-the-scenes look at your brand

Grab your Smartphone. How mobile is it? Can you think of a time at work your Smartphone isn’t within reach? Most people have access to a video camera through their Smartphone and thus can take on the role of brand newscaster with the simple click of a recording button. This allows you to capture and use more candid video (the kind that captures and generates emotion) to use in your marketing.

Video can show your support of local charities and events in real time

Do pictures of other people having fun at a charity event make you feel like you are missing out? Most of the time, seeing pictures doesn’t quite do that, right? However, if instead of a few pictures there was a fun video with live music, dancing, a race, an auction or something else exciting, you might have that feeling of ‘I need to be part of this community’. That’s what video can do! Use video to relay the excitement and capture the atmosphere.

Video builds trust with your online community

If you use it, people will watch you. If you use it, then love it and share it, someone else will want to try it! Monkey see, monkey do! That’s how you build trust. Real people using real products and services, having a good time doing it, and then raving about it!

Video boosts sales and conversions

A simple explanation goes a long way! If you explain and show the benefits of your products or services in a video, typically you can convert more easily than just by providing a written description of those benefits.

Simply said: if you want to grow sales and build your brand and your online community, start using video to connect, grow and convert!


Guest post by:

Dorien Morin