Mar 262011

One of the most common concerns we get from startup entrepreneurs is that they can’t seem to get their venture started, “get it off the ground”. For this reason, we provide small group and individual coaching program. The coaching focuses in on the needs of the participants in each group, with the following typically being areas of great attention:

– Understand profitability and break-even
– Establish upside goals and potential
– Screen and sort ideas/opportunities
– Understand psychology of marketing
– Develop products/services that sell
– Select and implement marketing strategies
– Deploy effective marketing tactics
– Develop a formal business plan
– Understand and achieve operating excellence
– Replace yourself and seek a liquidity event

If you want to get your venture off the ground quickly and correctly, contact us at for more information. All coaching is provided by coaches with extensive early stage company experience and knowledge. Where possible, all coaching programs include direct interaction with Paul Morin, the founder of