Mar 142011

Are you green and growing or ripe and rotting?
Ray Kroc

Ray Kroc, famous for taking over McDonald’s in the mid-fifties and putting it on the path to become the giant, global restaurant operator we know today, asks an important question here. What is your response? Do you continue to grow and learn or are you stagnated and “rotting?” For some, the answer may be a bit uncomfortable. The successful people I know are always growing and learning. While they make take some time to enjoy the fruits of their success, the vast majority of time, they are focused on taking very deliberate steps toward their goals. They are hardly ever, if ever, just sitting back and “rotting”. It’s simply not in their character..

  • kenny

    never let your spirit down to getting better!

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  • Thanks. Will do. We have them for the individual posts, but you’re right that it makes sense to add a Facebook icon for the overall site. Thanks again!

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  • Hi, thanks for your comments. We only accept guest posts of very high quality, very targeted to our audience. Feel free to send me a copy of what you have in mind to Thanks, Paul

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