Jan 262011

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.
Albert Einstein

One thing you can count on as an achiever is a lot of opposition to your ideas, from naysayers, pessimists, cynics, jealous people, etc. The “violent opposition” won’t always come from mediocre minds, but often it will. The bottom line is that from whichever type of mind you receive opposition, my advice is to acknowledge whatever point is being made, then simply keep moving forward and disassociate yourself from the source of negativity. Consistently negative people are a cancer in the achiever environment. Move on, leave them in the dust, and keep pursuing your dreams..

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  • Bret

    Great post. So true that opposition comes, especially from those who have no ideas of their own.

  • Agreed — those with no ideas of their own are some of the most frequent offenders, though the opposition can come from pretty much any direction… Paul