Dec 012010

Life is complicated.  People like and need to simplify their lives by allowing symbols and metaphors to heavily impact their impressions of the world that surrounds them.  Use this tendency to your advantage.  Realize that brands are powerful – they are a surrogate for all sorts of due diligence that would otherwise need to be performed in an effort to ascertain credibility of a particular person, company, or offering.  Build your brand.  Make sure it is memorable and stands for what you want your company to be known for.  Do everything in your power to protect your reputation and that of your brand. Leverage the credibility of symbols that are meaningful to your target market.  As mentioned previously in the lesson regarding advertising, it takes a great deal of repetition and reinforcement, on an ongoing basis, to solidify your message in the minds of your target market.  Never forego an opportunity to reinforce what you, your company, your brand, and your logo stand for..

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