Jul 162010

Good storytellers tend to be good leaders and good entrepreneurs.  Everyone likes to be entertained, and the fact is, most people learn (and are persuaded) best by hearing stories that conjure images in their minds – images they can relate to.  We have been learning and passing down knowledge this way for thousands of years.  Telling stories is not easy for many linear left-brainer types, but look around at the successful business people you know, and you will quickly realize that an investment of time and energy in learning to be a good storyteller, will be effort well spent.  Many of the greatest leaders and most successful entrepreneurs in history have taken this lesson to heart.  Think of many of the people you look up to and like to spend time with in your business (and personal) life, and you will likely realize that they are able to tell a good story and make their points clear by illustrating them and bringing them to life in the form of stories..

  • Lawrence Serven

    Excellent insight. Tell an interesting story and people will listen.

  • Yes! It’s happened that way throughout the millennia … no need to buck the trend of how we learn and share information best and most naturally. With a bit of creativity, it’s interesting how many marketing and communications situations are handled more effectively with the incorporation of a good “story arc”.